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Our Story

Welcome to Porters Steakhouse.
At Porters we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest in everything we do. From the moment you arrive, our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to greet you and walk you through our unique menu. Our menu showcases the very best of grass fed beef sourced from British farms and dry aged to perfection, ensuring the most tender of cuts. All our meat is fully traceable and of the highest quality and flavour giving the meat a unique appearance before and after cooking.

Once you have made your selection from our standard menu or chophouse board, it is then freshly cooked on the premises on our BBQ grill. Please be aware that to ensure the best dining experience, some cuts will take longer to serve at the table due to their need for a longer cook time. This is your opportunity to sit back, relax, enjoy the company and sample one of our bespoke cocktails. Dining out has become a lost art. At porters we encourage you to sit back, take your time and savour this moment. From farm to table, kitchen to fork, this is an experience not to be rushed.

Dry aged raw tomahawk beef steak with in
Dry Aged Barbecue Porterhouse Steak.jpg

In the Kitchen

Our dry-ageing room (visible in the restaurant) contains a solid wall of Himalayan salt . These translucent red, orange and pink bricks allow the salt particles and the meat to react over time to produce a truly unique and flavoursome meat. The salt particles of the Himalayan salt bricks draw moisture from the meat and air, allowing it to seep into the beef, creating a great flavour. The meat can also be found to be much more tender as the process allows the  muscle fibres to relax. The meat has a much darker appearance and a different flavour profile.

Porters Steakhouse will specialise in at least 45 day dry-aged meat. Our supplier sources only the finest UK bred beef before its ready to start our ageing process. 

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